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Our Story

In 2009, Blair Williams conceived and headed a project to bring a variety of good music to small Glengarry communities, at a price affordable for all.  He selected venues in the heart of the village with vaulting interiors and good seating combined with the historical traditions of Maxville: the four village churches.  

Together with the Maxville and District Chamber of Commerce, the four congregations, the enthusiastic support of musicians and a host of local business sponsors, the week-end event came to fruition.  CELTIC UNPLUGGED featured a host of local talent: Gerry O’Neill, Paddy Kelly, Ashley MacLeod, Pat Maher and Kelsey McDonell, resulting in a sold out performance, kicking off the festival with a high-spirited celebration at St James Catholic church.  The SEAWAY WINDS CONCERT BAND, under the direction of Barb Hunter performed jazz, pop, show tunes and classical favourites; Saturday afternoon SAFTA and SABA engaged young people with their folk tunes and the CONCERTO DELLA DONNA wound up the festival with a breath-taking demonstration of the ‘power of the female voice’, their last performance before leaving on a tour in Eastern Europe.

Over 50 meetings, hundreds of emails, dozens of calls/letters and innumerable face-to-face discussions have combined to establish the Maxville Musicfest as an annual and anticipated event. The musical performances enjoyed by twenty different Musicfest audiences have provided outstanding examples of various musical genres.