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Celtic Unplugged - An evening of Celtic music with Paddy Kelly, Ashley MacLeod, Gerry O’Neill, Pat Maher, Kelsey MacDonell and friends.

The Seaway Winds - Led by conductor Barb Hunter, this 45 piece band’s repertoire includes jazz, pop, showtunes, marches and classical favourites.

Safta and Saba - Chloe and Abraham Fox will delight your entire family with their eclectic collection of folk music from around the world.

Concerta Della Donna - An inspiring performance of liturgical and secular music by this well known women’s choir under the direction of maestro Iwan Edwards.


Celtic Unplugged - Dave Gossage, Jonathan Moorman and Michael Ayles (special guest - Paddy Kelly)

The Essentials - Toronto based quartet’s arrangements of songs from the 50’s to today - a cappella.

Concerto Della Donna - liturgical and secular music - women’s choir under the direction of maestro Iwan Edwards.

The Heart and Soul Big Band - local group led by Pierre Vaillancourt - ‘big band’ favourites.


Maple Leaf Brass - over 30 musicians - ‘big, glorious sound’ - British tradition - repertoire spans over several centuries.

Brian Brown Trio - one of the leading proponents of jazz piano in Canada.

Celtic Unplugged - Ecosse - Bobby Watt, Duncan Gillis and Rob Graves. Also featured Paddy Kelly, Ashley MacLeod and Kelsey McDonell.

Amaryllis Choir - women’s choir - music from the Renaissance, modern folk songs, Broadway to pop.


The Imani Gospel Choir. They have sung back up in live performances for the likes of Paul Anka and Michael Bolton-

‘Celtic Unplugged’ performance with Gerry Timlin, Paddy Kelly, and Ashley MacLeod

Bel Canto, a unique mix of Opera and Broadway hits, Five talented young opera singers perform a program of classical and contemporary music.

Terry Gillespie and his band. They will perform their very successful tour ‘Road to Memphis’


Maple Leaf Brass Band - 30 professional-calibre musicians with a big, glorious sound.

Dusty Drifter - old standards presented in contemporary style with new and hard driving instrumental prowess.

Celtic Unplugged - Hughie McDonell, Ashley MacLeod and the Scottish Fiddle Ensemble.

Maria Hawkins - varied mix of musical genres - high energy performance backed by superb musicians.


Northwind - Northwind has delighted audiences at countless bluegrass festivals since the 90s. The band was founded by brothers Steve and Don Stang from St. Andrew’s West.

Ruby Tuesday - This group has been playing traditional Dixieland songs - with original and contemporary arrangements - all across Eastern Ontario for over 13 years.

Salty Dog - Montreal-based Salty Dog has been playing Celtic folk music with a ‘Maritime’ flavour for 24 years, bringing hand-clapping songs and fiddle tunes in eastern Canada.

Cadence - Canada’s premier a cappella ensemble, Cadence has been wowing audiences worldwide for 15 years. Based in Toronto, they bring an energy and verve to every song they sing.


Concession 23 - Concession 23 is an award-winning bluegrass band from the Ottawa Valley, founded on October 23, 2003. The band's strength is derived from its musical teamwork, its energetic playing style, and the relaxed relationship we establish with our audiences.

Tracy Lalonde/Pamela Cumming/Dylan Groulx  - The three musicians have teamed up to perform together, using their abilities to create lush vocal harmonies and unique musical arrangements.

Torredon/2 Paddys - The Torridon Scottish Dance Band was formed in 2014 and is already in great demand for Scottish Country Dances, Ceilidhs and Celtic Concerts throughout North America. They play the music of the great Scottish Masters and are also proud to promote the compositions of many talented Glengarry musicians.

Capital City Chorus - The Capital City Chorus is Ottawa’s premier men’s A Cappella chorus, with over 60 active members. The men of our chorus come from all walks of life, all ages, and all musical skill levels. This forms a vibrant, and energetic gathering of men who come together each week to sing in fellowship and fun.


Union Duke - Like a musical locomotive hurtling ’round the bend, Union Duke is a Toronto folk quintet that’s taking the world by storm – one captivating performance at a time. Bridging soulful indie rock with bluegrass and country, these city-slickin’ whipper-snappers unleash soaring vocal harmonies over heel-stomping beats, in a growing collection of irresistible songs that set hearts and dancefloors ablaze.

The Musical Celebration Musicale showcases the talents of Glengarry students like Noel Campbell, Sabrina Beauchesne, Camille Chartrand and Isabelle Larocque. Its annual festival awards over $10,000 to promising young musicians.

‘The Brigadoons’ have been the mainstay of numerous Highland Games and Scottish events in both the United States and Canada for the last three decades. They have been perennial favourites at the ‘Capital District Scottish Games’ (New York State), the ‘New Hampshire Highland Games’ at Loon, the ‘Glengarry Highland Games’ (Canada), the ‘St. Raphael’s Galarama’ (South Glengarry) and the ‘Longs Peak Scottish-Irish Highland Festival’ (Colorado) for as long as people can remember.

East Hawkesbury Gospel Sound - With a repertoire that includes gospel favourites, bluegrass, country and Celtic numbers, this group has tremendous versatility. They perform with an enthusiasm that comes from a deep love and respect for their faith and tradition.


Danny Sylvestre - Danny Sylvestre is a dynamic singer / songwriter from Ottawa. His music is a marriage of country and rock. His self penned "Tailgate Songs" was released in 2016 and his new single "I Quit!" is out May 2017.

Ian Tamblyn - Ian Tamblyn has been a musician since 1972. He has released 38 albums as well as acting as producer for dozens of other artists. Over the years Ian has written too many songs and has given up on counting them. He has also written fourteen plays and over one hundred theatre soundtracks.

Searson- Searson has toured for well over a decade and have the confidence and drive to continue with their musical careers more than ever before. Sisters, Erin and Colleen Searson have developed their own original style of high energy fiddling, passionate vocals and step dancing.

Amaryllis - ounded in September 1994 as a women's choir, Amaryllis has recently brought together a men's choir to broaden the scope of the music they perform. Indeed the tenors and bass singers add a rich dimension to the choral sound along with a warm sense of humour and laughter throughout rehearsals and beyond.