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Celtic Unplugged

Saturday May 12th - 7:30 p.m.

Venue: St. James Roman Catholic Church

The MacLeod Fiddlers

Kathy Fraser-Collins

Ashley MacLeod

Paddy Kelly

Denis Carr

Paul Villeneuve

The MacLeod Fiddlers

The MacLeod Fiddlers are a Scottish youth group from the county of Glengarry, a hot bed of Scottish culture in Ontario, Canada. They are the performance group for "The MacLeod School of Fiddling" which focuses on the teaching, promotion and preservation of the Glengarry Scottish fiddle.

As well as performing in their local area, they have travelled three times to Canada's East Coast where they have performed at the "Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling". In the USA they have performed at the Loon Mountain Highland Games in Lincoln, New Hampshire and the Scottish Festival in Dundee, New York. For thirteen years in a row they have performed at the Greater Philadelphia Mid-winter Scottish & Irish Festival. In July of 2012 they did a successful two week tour of Scotland.

They have recorded three CD's which include "Ceilidh Time" in 2005 and Glengarry Roots" in 2010 and just newly released this year "Passion For Fiddling". .

They are under the direction of teacher & instructor Ian R. MacLeod.

Kathy Fraser-Collins

Over the last fifty plus years, Kathy Fraser-Collins has significantly contributed to the Celtic music tradition of Glengarry as a teacher and a performer.

Although she doesn’t remember learning to play the piano, she gave her first performance at five when she played at the Brodie School Christmas Concert. Kathy had no formal musical training until high school; she played by ear. She became interested in chording while playing with Ron Clare and watched and learned from Ruthanna MacPherson. Later in her musical career, she was influenced by Bobby Brown and the legendary Stan Hamilton.

During her early years in Glengarry, Kathy played with different groups at receptions, dances and concerts. She played piano and accordion with “The Cousins Five,” piano, accordion and sax with “Ron Clare and the Glengarrians” and “Sylvester and the Clansmen.” In addition, she performed as a vocal soloist with Ruthanna and sang with “The Cantabile Singers” at charity concerts, nursing homes, church services, etc. She was also a popular accompanist for many local fiddlers including Malcolm Dewar and Wilf Gillis.

Kathy obtained a Bachelor of Music degree from McGill in 1978 and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto in 1979. Unfortunately for Glengarry, her teaching career took her to Toronto where she taught music from 1980 to 1999.

During this time, Kathy promoted Glengarry music at every possible occasion. She was a member of the “Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent” and performed with them across North America. She recorded with “Bobby Brown and the Scottish Accent,” “The Cape Breton Symphony,” Alisdair Fraser, Graham Townsend and others. In addition, she assisted Bobby Brown with musical arrangements and production of many recordings.

In 2001 Kathy returned home and began teaching music at VCI. She continued to play with the Scottish Accent, taught music privately and joined the Glengarry Pipe Band. Now retired from VCI, Kathy and her husband Fred Collins have started their new dance band, “Torridon Scottish Dance Band;” they will be performing locally and of course further afield as well. In addition, they volunteer at the Maxville Manor, playing for sing-songs etc.

Kathy was inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in 2014


Ashley MacLeod 

Ashley, a mother of four young children,  originally from Dalkeith Ontario, she began playing fiddle and piano at the age of 10 and won many awards throughout Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

As an individual artist and performer, she is often requested to play with several groups and has toured throughout Canada, Europe and the U.S. Notably with such groups as the Simon Fraser University and Ottawa Police pipe bands, The Paperboys, Seven Nations, Hadrians Wall, The Brigadoons, Paddy Kelly and The 2 Paddy's, to mention just a few. During this time she also had the honour of playing at the world famous Carnegie Hall in New York. 

Ashley formed Scotch River Fiddles in 2012.  With so many talented young fiddlers in the area, Ashley had a vision of taking the Glengarry fiddle to a new dimension 

In addition, while still performing many weekends, Ashley has started up the Mini Music Makers. A program to introduce young children to music, rhythm and step dancing, taking them from the age as early as 3 years old.



Paddy Kelly

Paddy Kelly is a man of many talents. Not only does he have a wonderful voice, but he plays a number of instruments. Paddy was born and raised in Ottawa and began playing traditional music at an early age. His father introduced Pat to traditional music and song. Paddy’s first professional group was The Descendants (not related to the current Irish Descendants) and was introduced to Glengarry through their working engagements at The Grand Hotel in Martintown and the Atlantic Hotel in Alexandria.  Not long after his introduction to Glengarry did Paddy feel that this was the place to be.

1982 was a pivotal year. Not only did he marry a Glengarry lass, but he also joined The Brigadoons and is still with them today. Through this time, he has played along the Eastern seaboard of the United States and down as far as Florida and has always remarked how special a place Glengarry was. But he favoured playing for the local crowd, at the Bonnie Glen for weddings, at parties and of course, some of the favourite watering holes we all know well (like Bob’s in Dalhousie not to mention the famous Glengarry Club of Ottawa dances.) 

Paddy has two solo CD's along with The Two Paddy’s and several Brigadoon Albums

Paddy has long supported start up groups with encouragement and always lent what advice he could give when requested. He has also been involved with musical presentations at the Public Schools in Maxville and Avonmore.

Paddy was inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in 2007


Denis Carr

For over thirty years, Denis has been at the forefront of Celtic music in Glengarry. He joined the Brigadoons in 1977 and it soon became apparent to anyone who saw him perform that he was an accomplished vocalist. He sang songs from the “auld sod” that he knew from his youth; his repertoire was large and his vocal styling was traditional in every sense of the word.

During his many years with the Brigadoons, Denis has been a valued asset at the Glengarry Highland Games where he not only performs with the Brigadoons in the Friday night Tattoo, but on numerous occasions, he capably did the job of Emcee. Wherever he performs at the Games or elsewhere, his stirring rendition of “Bonnie Dundee” or “Glencoe” or his resounding delivery of “Johnnie Lad” are greeted enthusiastically by his audience.

Denis has not only been generous with his own talent, but he has also been a selfless promoter of Glengarry talent. Many Glengarry Celtic performers whether a stage band, piper, fiddler or pianist are indebted to him for having given them an opportunity to meet and play for other international performers and promoters who may not otherwise have heard of their respective talents. Bill Reid of the East of the Hebrides Entertainments says, “Denis brings to every show a message through his songs of love of home, family and friendship. He has become an envoy for Glengarry, the people and the music…” Brigadoons founder, Rob Taylor—who nominated Denis—says Denis “gave a voice to Ken McRae‘s ‘Glengarry My Home’ which is now a part of Glengarry’s heritage.”

Denis was also a part of the fundraising contributions to St. Raphael’s as part of the CD Friends Helping Friends, the Glengarry Highland Games on the CD, Building On Tradition and the rebuilding of the Angus Grey Hall with the CD Hard Times. He has also given freely of his talent on numerous occasions at nursing homes and fundraisers for worthy causes.

A member of Cornwall’s City Council, Denis was also one of the founding members of Cornwall’s Worldfest/Festimonde and as such, was instrumental in bringing International groups to this area. In addition, he played an integral part of the performances of the Internationally known MacCulloch dancers.


Paul Villeneuve

Paul Villeneuve is a true Glengarrian to his core!  Growing up just North of Maxville, Paul always enjoyed the local Glengarry music scene, whether it be fiddles, pipes or just enjoying a good old time dance! His love for the songs of Glengarry, Scotland and Ireland were always in his home and in his heart. 

One late night at the Alexandria Curling Club back in the winter of 2004, Mark Hall pulled out his guitar, started playing and Paul Villeneuve began singing… and that was the beginning of a friendship that soon developed into Glengarry`s very own Fridge Full of Empties.  Paul, as a founding member, has been a driving force behind the band ever since.

If you enjoy traditional  Scottish and Irish music, lively tempos or lovely ballads are more your style, then there is no doubt that you wont want to miss The Fridge Full Of Empties!

Although Paul has played countless venues all over Ontario , nothing pleases him more, than to entertain in Glengarry Our Home!!


The MacLeod Fiddlers 

Ian has deep roots in his native Glengarry, where, along with his wife Karen and their three children, Scott, Ashley and Brad, he owns and operates a sixth generation dairy farm. 

Ian has generously shared his musical talents for close to forty years, playing fiddle or piano at

In 1994 Ian started teaching a venue that has become known as the “MacLeod School of Fiddling” which focuses on the ‘promotion and preservation’ of the Glengarry Scottish fiddle. He teaches 50 students yearly and since its inception well over 100. His students have performed as groups and/or individually at many local functions and they have been a highlight at the Glengarry Highland Games. He has taken his young group to places like the “Mid-Winter Scottish and Irish Festival” in Philadelphia for over 10 years.

Then in 2004 the children were involved in an exchange program with other fiddle students from Cape Breton. The young group performed at the “Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling” at St. Ann’s Gaelic College. Ian is playing an important role in keeping the bond alive between Glengarry and the Cape Breton fiddlers.

Teaching has not been Ian’s only commitment; over the last fifteen years he has composed many tunes. Several of these compositions appear in the Canadian Fiddle Music Book Vol. 2.

In the fall of 2005 his senior group recorded a CD entitled Ceilidh Time, which included nine of his compositions.

Ian was inducted into the Glengarry Celtic Music Hall of Fame in 2007.

There is no doubt that Ian has been a cornerstone in ‘preserving the Glengarry Fiddle’ for generations to come.