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Sunday May 7th - 3:00 p.m.

Venue: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

Founded in September 1994 as a women's choir, Amaryllis has recently brought together a men's choir to broaden the scope of the music they perform. Indeed the tenors and bass singers add a rich dimension to the choral sound along with a warm sense of humour and laughter throughout rehearsals and beyond.

We believe that music is essential to the human spirit, promoting joy, fellowship and a sense of community. To that end, we strive to present the highest standards of artistry in the music we perform, which ranges from sublime sacred classical music to decidedly energetic secular music, such as madrigals.

Although Amaryllis is based in Vankleek Hill, members come from both Ontario and Québec. We invite you to join us, either by lifting your voice as a member of the choir or by attending and supporting our concerts