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The Morris Family

Sunday May 13th - 3:00 p.m.

Venue: St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church

The Morris Family

    The Morris Family grew up on the farm on the Fourth of Kenyon each member attending elementary

and High School in Alexandria and Glengarry District respectively. This group of ten are the third generation of Morris’s to entertain in the hills of Glengarry. Their grandmother Grace McDougald

 was a music teacher and their grandfather Mike Morris was a singer of some reknown, both being members of St. Finnan’s Choir and The Alexandria Dramatic Club during the early 20th century.

     During the Depression Years their father Howard, his brother John and his sisters Ida and Grace

were regulars at house parties and summer social throughout Glengarry and beyond.

     Of this current generation there are five music teachers, Jean in Ottawa, Grace in Perth, Mary

  in Brantford, Maureen in Glengarry and Cleary in Ottawa.  Each member of the Family have been part of the community music scene wherever they have lived.


       Except for Ann who still resides in the foothills of Alberta with her husband and family, they have

all returned to the Ottawa/Glengarry area.

       Music has always been a “lifeline” and we  thrill at the opportunity of throwing our lifeline out to

a Maxville audience in memory of our mother, who spoke of growing up in Maxville with tender

loving fondness.


         Today we have Jean, Grace, Bill, Don, Cleary, John, Mary, Maureen and Frank with us.